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Camping Early 1900"s

Piha lies on the western side of the Waitakere Ranges Regional park. This area features wild surf beaches with black sand,exposed rocky coast lines, scenic coastal forests, plentiful walks, stunning views and beautiful waterfalls. Since the early 1900"s families would make a two day trek from Auckland to Piha by horse and cart on a road that was little better than a bullock track.

Early motorcars would need to reverse up the steep incline from the campground to the top as the petrol pump wouldn't work.

Roads were improved by relief workers during the depression of the 1930s and bus services began. Batch communities developed and the surf club opened in 1934.

In the early 1940"s the Raynor Family gifted the land as a recreational reserve and camping ground.

To serve the community and numerous visitors, a chummy little collection of amenities has evolved- a cafe, art gallery, small library, general store, surf shop, Bowling Club, Rsa and a 100 year old post office saved from extinction run by the ratepayers. 

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